Share your story! We love getting to know our dedicated Relayers from across the

Share your story! We love getting to know our dedicated Relayers from across the country. How did you get involved in #RelayForLife?

Share your stories and photos in the comments below!


  1. Got involved with #RelayForLife b.c. of my friend, Sara Deel Mulkey. Quickly realized from my very first walk that not only was I walking to honor her, i was walking to remember my grandmother and walking to help put an end to cancer. Fast forward 7 years later, i now have even more reason to be involved. Not only is Sara a 2x cancer survivor and a complete inspiration, my boyfriend is another big reason to stay involved as he’s also a 2x cancer survivor.

  2. I was diagnosed in early 2016 with Stage 4A Ductal Prostate Cancer. It was a shock as I had 17 years of negative digital exams and seven years of negative PSA tests before they found it. Turns out that Ductal is very hard to detect, harder to treat and is so rare that only one person on my team ever seen a case before. Initially my prognosis was poor. But as a result on new treatments, funded in part by Relay, I am still alive today. I was honored to be asked to give the opening speech for the West Bloomfield Relay for Life.

  3. My first relay for life was in 2011. My first relay as a team captain was in 2013. In Auguat of 2013, my mom was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. In 2014, her along with my dad were able to come up to do the Survivor lap with me and my dad and I were recognized as caregivers for my mom. I’m happy to say my mom will be a 6 year Survivor this year!

  4. I lost both of my parents to cancer, both in their 70’s. When my sister-in-law got cancer, it really shook me up, because we were the same age-54. It was then that I discovered Relay for Life. That was 21 years ago, and I stilll do Relay For Life of So. Montgomery County. 14 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the years I have met some wonderful people with each Relay and understand more fully all that the American Cancer Society does for those affected by cancer.

  5. This is my 10th year ๐Ÿ’œ What started as volunteering to walk 30 minutes on a gym team, turned into me being a team captain and on the event leadership team. I will always walk in memory of my brother and all we have lost ๐Ÿ‘ผ

  6. This year was my first Relay. I got inspired to join after I lost my cousin (who I grew up with and was like my big brother) to NUT midline carcinoma in March after a short but hard fought battle against this rare and aggressive cancer. I didnโ€™t know what I was fully getting into and was stressed with planning but on Relay day my whole family had a blast, we raised over $1600 and canโ€™t wait to do it again next year!

  7. My family and I started to relay in 2007 following the passing of our father in January of that year from colon cancer. We chose the Pasadena,Ca relay as that is where we grew up.
    Since then, I have continued to be involved and have been event lead, co-lead among other elt rolls within our event. I have also served as Area Lead Volunteer and currently as Event Mentor as well as photographing many ACS events. I have enjoyed my involvement so much and have met so many passionate people.

  8. Sadly we were not allowed to Relay again this year because East Boston Relay for Life did not bring in enough money for the ACS the last time we relayed. Cancer does not stop for a lot of money or not enough money.

  9. This was my 23rd year. I had just lost my father to lung cancer when a relay started in our town. Since then I walk in memory of both grandmothers, my dad,mom, 3 aunts, several cousins and many friends. I will keep walking and raising money every year and praying for a cure.

  10. My Dad passed away from lung cancer on June 1, 2013. I started Patrick’s Promise shortly after that.
    Now my Mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She continues to fight.

  11. Lost their Grandpa (my Dad) in 2007. Walked our first lap and drank the purple kool-aid.. joined ELT in 2010 and haven’t left. Been our local event lead for 5 years Relay For Life of Tracy-Mountain House. #20yrsofhope #oneteamonedream

  12. We walk in the Relay for Life event every year. I am a 10 year survivor of synovial sarcoma and we will continue to support these event’s until a cure is found.

  13. I started walking in memory of my grandparents. Then as the years went on, I relay in memory of my mom for it became real to me for many reasons, then I joined a team with family, and it’s very personal to me.
    I’m a five year survivor from breast cancer even though I didn’t have to deal with chemo or radiation. I’m very grateful it was caught before it became cancer.

  14. For the past five years, Team Minna Border Collie fundraises for the ACS โ€œBark for Lifeโ€ in memory of my Mom Helen, who passed away from uterine cancer in 2003. And, in loving memory of John ๐Ÿ’•

  15. Lost alot of family members to cancer and also have many survivors. I was in Relay a few years ago. Then life got busy. Started a team this year because my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in Febuary then in April my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Both have had surgery, dad is better and did not have to have any treatments after, mo. Has to have Chemo not sure what the plan is yet. We will find out August 1st. Please keep them both in your prayers.

  16. Have been a supporter of Relay for Life for years. Seven years ago my older son died of glioblastoma, 3 years ago my other son had throat cancer and now is having chemo for colon cancer. One year ago I was diagnosed with non Hodgekins Lymphoma. Also many friends have died and many are recovering and thank God more are cured. Prayer does wonderful things along with Relay For Life.

  17. My Journey with The American Cancer Society Relay For Life began in 1998 when The 1st Relay was held in Coral Springs, FL. Since then I have participated in many Relays. I Relay For all those who were called home to GOD like my MOM who valiantly battled non-operable metastatic lung cancer and was cancer free when she was called home to GOD on July 5, 2012 after suffering a massive heart attack. I Relay in hope that no one has to face the loss of someone due to cancer.

  18. I have survived cancer twice. 25 and 5 years. But also just lost my husband 2 months ago to a rare cancer. Very aggressive and fast growing. Praise God he did not suffer long.

  19. I relay every year in memory of my mother, grandparents, and close friends who lost their battle. We also get the kids informed and involved. I also am a 3 time survivor.

  20. I was a caregiver to both my mother and my father whom I lost to cancer. I have too many relatives and friends who have battled cancer. I just recently lost my brother in law to this disease. Katy, TX

  21. I started to relay in 2005. I didn’t know a lot about it. At that time, I had lost an Aunt and Uncle, and my maternal grandmother. I have lost friends and family to this hideous disease. I Relay to honor survivors, remember those that have past, and celebrate those fighting.

    In this picture, there are 3 survivors, now one is deceased ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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