I was 39 when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a huge shock, as just si

I was 39 when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a huge shock, as just six weeks before, I’d run a half marathon. I’d had a bit of a cough over the winter, but as I was a non-smoker, and a keen runner, cancer was way down the list of likely suspects! However, after further testing it was confirmed I had stage four cancer, with tumours in my lungs, liver, adrenals and lymph nodes. I started treatment, which very quickly shrunk all the tumours, to the extent that I felt I could get back out running. I started following a training plan, with the intention of running the London Marathon! However, a few months later I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my lung. Right now, I’m on a drug called Alectinib, and my life day-to-day is pretty much normal. I try not to let cancer encroach on my life too much. So much of the information you see about cancer is negative, and it is a dreadful disease, but there are many people living with it every day, often with no outward signs. I still have rubbish days, but most of the time it’s about getting on with life, and doing what I want to do while I can.” Thank you to Angela for sharing her story on World Lung Cancer Day.

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  1. What an inspirational story, thank you for sharing it and…giving such encouragement to many I’m sure. Go well my dear and continue to kick cancer in the butt. 😘

  2. Thanks for sharing your story- keep strong, smile every day and continue to kick ass- CRUK is vital- I am a survivor purely down to all the years of their research- so now I’m running for CRUK- because I can.

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